Convert an MBR disk to GPT

Windows 10 introduced a new type of disk partitioning scheme called GPT. Traditional MBR disks are limited to 4 partitions, while GPT disks can have up to 128 partitions. In addition, GPT disks use a different partition table that is less prone to corruption.

If you want to convert a Windows 10 MBR disk to GPT, you can use the mbr2gpt tool from Microsoft. This tool converts the MBR disk to GPT without data loss.

To convert a MBR disk to GPT using mbr2gpt, follow these steps:

1. Open an administrative command prompt.

2. Run the following command to start the mbr2gpt tool:

mbr2gpt /convert C:\

3. The tool will scan your disk for partitions and convert them to GPT format.

4. When the conversion is complete, restart your computer.

To ensure that your Windows 10 system is configured for optimal performance with GPT disks, you may also want to make some changes to the partition layout and configurations. For example, you may want to move your system and boot partitions to the beginning of the drive so that they are not fragmented. You may also want to increase the size of certain partitions and create additional partitions if needed.

There are several tools available for managing your GPT disk partitions in Windows 10, including the Disk Management tool and third-party partitioning software such as PartitionGuru. To access these tools, simply open the Start menu and type “disk management” or “partition manager” into the search box. Alternatively, you can visit the Windows 10 app store and search for “disk management” or “partition manager” to find a variety of software options.

Make sure that you take the time to understand your disk configuration and plan out your partition layout carefully before making any changes. This will help ensure optimal performance