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Active Protect

Sign up for our complete computer repair service. All-inclusive support and security for your PC.


What’s Included?

See what’s included for our low monthly price of $30/pc per month

Mac & PC Repair

All PC repair is included in the price of your subscription. All you pay for is parts and we cover the labor.

Weekly Maintenance

Your PC will stay running in top shape becuase we run weekly maintenance on your PC.

Notifications and Alerts

The easy stuff, we handle in the background, but with anything major, you can expect an actual human to call you.

Application Support

No matter the issue, we are here to help. Quickbooks problems? Fixed! Steam? Fixed! Email? Fixed! All Included.


Take back the time you waste fixing IT. We work on demand for most consumer issues and after hours for your business. We strive to avoid downtime caused by repairs.


We include a subscription of Emsisoft Anti-Malware to keep your PC virus and malware free (A $39.95 value)!

Health Monitoring

Computers have issues, and even when they are not fixed by weekly maintenance, we monitor for other health problems. 

Automatic Updates

We keep your PC up to date with weekly automatic updates for your security and stability.

Remote Support

With our remote support software we can help you at any time without the need to lug your whole PC down.

Data Security

Protecting your data or your clients data is necessary in today’s world. While no company or software is perfect, we do all we can to keep your PC as secure as possible.

Data Backup

Locally stored cloud data backup can be purchased as an addon for $10/month.